Friday, 19 June 2009

Tools for getting more followers on twitter

As a crafter i have found not only do i need to be creative with the work i make and sell, i also have to find creative ways to promote my work. I currently have a shop on Etsy and a website of which without promotion both have limited traffic. This led me to trying twitter, which is a fantastic tool to promote my Etsy shop, my blog and my website, in just a few short months i have just under 2000 followers, so every time i tweet a link to an item in my shop i am getting about 20 to 25 extra views and that's just with 2000 followers which is growing everyday. Here i want to share some of the great tools that i have found on the web to increase twitter followers. this finds people based on what they are talking about or through their profile, you can follow 25 a time by subject which is quicker than following people individually and targets in to people with specific interests. you can add your business to this site to connect to more twitter uses. this tool allows you to mass follow people who follow you or mass unfollow people who don't follow you, great tool to use when you hit your follow limit to unfollow people who aren't following you, this gives you space to follow others who may follow your back. this tool analysers what type of twitter user you are. this site allows people to connect through their interests A new site i have just found to connect you with more twitter followers, still waiting to see how successful it is.

Hope these links help you to get more viewers and feel free to comment and share your experiences with twitter. follow me on twitter


  1. thanks I'm following you and still learning..

  2. Thanks hope this blog helps you with some of the twitter tools, they have helped me loads :)