Monday, 20 July 2009

Etsy verses Arfire results

Thanks to all of you who voted in my poll, out of the 124 votes it appears 76% of you prefer art fire, with only 12 % of you favoring Etsy and a further 11% love both Etsy and Artfire. What a shocker I was sure Etsy was going to come out on top, maybe I am biased towards Etsy as I happen to be an Etsy seller. I don't know much about Artfire but am definately interested in learning more and would be fascinated to know why you all love Artfire. Artfire must be amazing as apart from the recent SEO problems with Etsy I am really impressed with the site overall as it is great for networking as a strong community, easy to use, great chat rooms and the new labs are brilliant, please leave comments and let me know how Artfire tops this. I will look forward to your comments and discussing this with you especially you Artfire sellers or customers.


  1. Well, I can pretty much explain why I prefer artfire over etsy in two words: monthly fees. I love selling my crafts online, but etsy just ends up costing me a lot of money every month. Between listing, re-listing (who doesn't re-list), and their final % cut, I was paying over $50 each month to etsy.

    Since I moved to artfire the sales have been a little bit slower, but I have watched the venue grow over these past few months, and I never pay more than $7 a month which I've always been able to cover because of sales. If it keeps on track the way its going, I'm going to spend a whole $28 during the christmas season on my primary venue fees, the rest is just money in my pocket.

  2. I sell both on Etsy and Artfire. Artfire, definately comes out on top with me for several reasons. 1) Fees are much less $7.00 per month. 2) Etsy has become less user friendly to sellers during the past year. A couple of issues that I had were totally disregarded and I was told more or less to "live with it". Not acceptable when I paid them over $400.00 last year! 3) The time to list an item on Artfire is much less as it stores automatically alot of the fields from prior listings. This is very important to me.

    I love it that Artfire is growing so quickly, I'm seeing a pickup in my sales as well and I hope this continues.


  3. I agree, I do appreciate how user friendly ArtFire is. I know that they are growing quickly, but the site (from MYHO) appears to be lacking a certain design/overall cohesiveness. I wish AF much success and will continue to watch the brand.

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  4. I love both. I do better on Etsy, but ArtFire is still relatively new and growing. I love love love being able to relist everyday with no fees and with ArtFire, what you put in is what you get out. Etsy feels more like a popularity contest. However, Etsy does have an overall professional feel that ArtFire is lacking in some way.

    I have to say though, I HATE the kudos/karma system on ArtFire. I much much prefer the positive/negative/feedback system on Etsy. With the ArtFire system, it doesn't publicly show who is leaving the points and WHY. The karma and kudos aren't labeled or linked. And it is too easy to leave good/bad points "just because" without explanation...It could potentially destroy sellers reputations if it got out of hand.

    (@Cheri- Your eye shadows are SO beautiful! I have been seeing them on the front page of ArtFire like crazy these past few days!))

  5. Thanks for all your comments, it seems artfire is definately worth a look. Only thing that concerns me is that the sales seem quite low compared to etsy, is this because its new and could anyone tell me what the views are like? do you need to keep relisting things like on etsy to get the views? :)