Monday, 20 July 2009

Etsy verses Arfire results

Thanks to all of you who voted in my poll, out of the 124 votes it appears 76% of you prefer art fire, with only 12 % of you favoring Etsy and a further 11% love both Etsy and Artfire. What a shocker I was sure Etsy was going to come out on top, maybe I am biased towards Etsy as I happen to be an Etsy seller. I don't know much about Artfire but am definately interested in learning more and would be fascinated to know why you all love Artfire. Artfire must be amazing as apart from the recent SEO problems with Etsy I am really impressed with the site overall as it is great for networking as a strong community, easy to use, great chat rooms and the new labs are brilliant, please leave comments and let me know how Artfire tops this. I will look forward to your comments and discussing this with you especially you Artfire sellers or customers.