Friday, 15 May 2009

welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog and thanks for visiting.

If you love handmade or are a crafter or artisian I am sure you will love my blog as I plan to blog about all things handmade including art, craft and fashion.

Each week I will bring you news on my craft, including new products in progress, techniques I use, inspiration, craft events, where to buy, marketing and promotion tips, ups and downs and general day to day running of a craft business. Once a week I will be doing an interview with a new designer maker, about their work, inspirations and tips on running a craft business and later i plan to feature a craft buyers to find out what crafts they buy in and what are the current selling trends in craft and design.

I hope to make this blog an exciting interactive space to connect craft buyers to craft sellers so feel free to question, comment and or express yourself.

Bye for now!


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