Sunday, 17 May 2009


As a designer I am always seeking inspiration for my work, this inspiration comes from the things I love such as nature, fashion, African tribes and craft. I then kind of fuse it altogether to come up with beautiful statement pieces of jewelry.

I would say at the moment my style is quite eclectic with a major influence coming from African tribal jewelry. I am fascinated by African tribes and how their lives are so closely connected with their natural surroundings, I try to mimic this by creating jewelry that has been made from natural materials such as wood and semi precious stones, in an effort to connect with nature and celebrate the beauty found in nature.

In contrast to nature I am passionate about fashion, craft and design this can be a major influence over the style and shapes of my designs, I can be inspired by an abstract sculpture or a contemporary piece of furniture or fashion styles and trends. At the moment I am loving the trend for over sized chunky jewelry, its a great way of individualizing an outfit and making a bold statement. My sketchbook is bursting with new ideas, just wish i could make them as quick as i can sketch them.

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